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About us
About Monzoon Networks

The Swiss telecommunications company Monzoon Networks AG is one of the first European operators of Public Wireless Internet Access and Services. Monzoon operates a radio network offering quick and wireless Internet, which is being offered to Hotspots such as airports, hotels, conference centres and various city centres across Switzerland.

Monzoon Hotspots: A neutral PWLAN platform

Monzoon is providing Public Wireless LAN Access on a neutral platform. As a user you have the possibility to choose from one of our many partners. Decide yourself whether to use the subscription of your home provider or rather purchase a WLAN access for a short time period directly in the hotspot.

Monzoon Solutions: The individual solution for manifold demands

Monzoon hat substantial experience with public wireless networks and the operation of carrier backend systems. Furthermore Monzoon offers various value added services like outsourcing, VPN, housing, wireless Internet access and much more. We compose modular and individual solutions for you!